Diary Entry

Do you see this in the sidebar?? Lol. Anyways, the title “Diary Entry” was in my old blog, but that was gone so I guess it’s fine.

Boring Boring Boring. Nothing to do. AT ALL. It’s like all I ever do is just stay at home, go to on the computer, and watch tv. I dont even read anymore, like I’ve changed!! I cant wait till school starts. Dont care, what other people say, I’m counting down how many days until school starts (44 by the way.) AHHHHH. 6th grade went by so fast, it’s not even funny.

  1. They tell you what class your going to.
  2. Then you go there.
  3. Then you feel shy, and try to cast a good impression.
  4. You wish that that girl next to you would talk to you.
  5. You make friends.
  6. Then soon best friends.
  7. Go to each others houses.
  8. make a mortal enemy
  9. fight
  10. Have to do Work that you dont want to do.
  11. Announced 6th Grade Trip
  12. You and your friends talk about it.
  13. 6th grade trip happens.
  14. You wish school would end already.
  15. Then it ends.
  16. your best friend walks you home or the other way around. (in my case to the subway.)
  17. Then it’s over.

That was mines. I cant wait till 7th grade. Then I guess 8th and so forth.


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