Dont Really Know

What to talk about. I mean, there is nothing to talk about. I’ve been looking everywhere for blogger templates, that is easy to do. Yeah I said blogger not wordpress. I was planning on making another blog on blogger because it’s easier to be yourself. Like, I cant put a Mixpod in here, I have to make a playlist account, but then it wouldn’t embed in here, so I have to “share.” It’s way too complicated. But every single time I look at my blog on blogger, I am tempted to change the template/background because there are so many to choose from the internet. So I pick a template/background (which one is it?) but dont know how to upload it!! Like, I HTML it and browsed it but it always comes as an error! I googled, how to extract a blogger template, and there was information to download Winzip. So I downloaded it, and I clicked, extract to…, and it had some menu thingy then I click on another thing ( I forgot) in the menu and it had some error or something. I tried it again and again and again and again, but it still wouldn’t do it. Dammit.



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