Robert in Twilight

Robert in New Moon

Robert in Eclipse

Every single picture of him looks different.  In Twilight, he looked young, actually 17. In New Moon he looked like he got a bit older. And in Eclipse… DAMN, how he changed. First of all, he looks like he’s going to be in his 30’s, note that he’s suppose to look 17, and like what’s up with his hair in Eclipse? It’s all floppy. He did cut his hair, but it was after Eclipse. Just saying. Oh, and the directors, you do know that Breaking Dawn’s director is going to be Bill Condon, who directed some horror movies like the Candyman, Dreamgirls, and more.

By the way, to Robert Pattinson haters out there and they think that Taylor Lautner is better, I was watching videos in YouTube and I wanted to see Robert Pattinson’s Access Hollywood interview, and it had 20,500+ more views than Taylor Lautner’s Access Hollywood Interview. Aw, now I feel bad, because I actually think that Taylor is sweet, but still.


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