Lol, it’s not been too long, but I usually write in here everyday, so I guess it is long. ^^

I gotta tell ya, that the most views I got, according to my Blog Stats, was on my post What’s The Deal? (I got 3 views) and it was a complaint on how why I havent gotten comments or followers lately. On my past blogs, I would have gotten at least one follower by now, and a few comments. Is it the reason that this blog sucks? Or that I suck? Or maybe this is just too boring for you guys. Or maybe it’s my blog title, because it sounds like I’m a brat.

Moving on, last night, I was happily watching T.V. in my room, when my moron neighbor, started mowing his backyard. The thing is, that my room is right next to their backyard, and they mow their backyard all they want, because it’s their backyard. BUT, my room is all the way at the back, and the entrance to the backyard is far from my room. They are just freaking nosy. And it was more than 8 o’clock already. Who freaking mows their lawn at 8? Idiots.

And, now, they are mowing again, oh, did I tell you that every time they mow, it’s near my room. So they could like peek at my room.

♥ Yumi


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