Hiya There

I’m now currently in Safe Mode in my computer. I kinda like it better than when it normally is, since my font in here, is HUGE and it makes me want to write more than usual. 😛

So, yesterday was my little bro’s 3rd birthday, and he already had a party in his daycare but, the cake that my mom bought is still in the daycare for them to eat. I mean, sure there’s only 4 of us, to celebrate his birthday at home, but family is family, you cant do anything about it.Whatever, wasted a whole 40 dollars. Oh, and my mom bought another cake, but it was an ice cream cake not those regular ones.

Nothing else to say, even though, I want to write so much. Whatever, I’ll write more, nobody is going to read this anyways.

DAMMIT. Somehow my audio cant be fixed. Every time I click on it it says, detecting problems… please wait. Then it goes to another page and says that it isn’t fixed. I think it’s the safe mode that’s doing this…. But I like the safe mode so much!! But I also, want to listen to a song…

I still dont think that this post is long enough. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.

Ohhh, I know what to talk about… JAPAN!! YEAH!! WOOHOO. lol. I’m saving up to have my Sweet 16 in Japan. I just hope, I can. It’s really expensive though, and Mom keeps on telling me that we are not going to travel without my siblings. I wasn’t planning to go without them, duh. And by the time I’m going to be 16 they are going to be…1234…. my little brother will be 7 and my baby sis will be 6. They’ll enjoy it… I think. The reason why I like Japan so much, is that their culture seems so beautiful and serene, it’s not loud and sharp. ETC. ETC.

There, it’s DONE.



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