Another Avatar?

I came across a website called Avatar Wiki because I was trying to find out who was Mae and Tai Lee. I know they are the two girls with Zuko’s evil sister, but I dont know which is Mae or Tai Lee. There was a comment saying that Zuko should have picked Tai Lee instead of Mae, because Tai is more flexible, and stuff. OH, now, I know who is Tai Lee. lol. Okay, back to the topic, in the Avatar Wiki, it said that there was going to be a new show sequenced to Avatar. Instead of the Avatar being a boy, it is now a girl. I read that it was because there was alot of female fans of the show, so they thought to make it into a girl. OMG. And, you know who’s the mother and father of the female Avatar?? *possibly a spoiler alert* Aang,and Katara. It was a spoiler to me, because I didnt know that they would be together or anything, I knew that Aang had a crush on her, but I feel like Katara is older than Aang. I just can imagine it, maybe other’s can, but I cant. So are you happy about another show?? Because, I am.

VOTE: Are you excited about the new show?? Below:


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