I guess so..

I think I officially have a pen pal from Japan. Yay! I’ve been teaching her english so far, and she havent replied yet to me, when I asked her to teach me japanese. Maybe because I havent checked my mail yet…

ARRRGGGHHH!! Mozilla Firefox is really slow right now, I think it’s because of my Sims 3 mods, I’ve been downloading alot, but I have Kaspersky, and it doesnt say anything about a virus. That’s the only thing I hate about Kaspersky, they only fix the threats that will harm the computer not the little things that harms the internet browser. I dont want to download another thing from the internet that makes your browser become faster, because how do you know it will work? And it might make it more worse because it’s downloaded. I was better off not downloading. URGH!

I just checked my mail, and my so called “pen pal” hasnt replied to me for like 3 days already. I guess she just wanted me to teach her english. So typical.


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