Vampires Suck (not really)

XD That is just plain…what’s the word…different. I dont know if I should praise it or give it a thumbs down. I’m a pretty good Twilight fan, and I think that Robert Pattinson is a HOTTIE. But this movie is just so hilarious I’m not actually offended. Except at the end… “Edward! Your the best!” then “No, Jacob’s the best!” then hits the girl with a shovel. EW Taylor is cute, but he’s too full of himself. Now I feel bad… Because he’s a decent guy but I just dont like him as much as EDWARD.

So, what do you think you guys?? Are you offended, confused, or just laughing your butt off?


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  1. Mimi
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 07:46:46

    I watch it with one of my guy friends the on Thursday.
    It sucked.
    He thought it was hilarious.
    It was so… umm, sexual? Like a lot of sexual comedy situations and then a lot of GROSS OUT comedy situations. Ew.
    I laughed a few times tho.

    And I hate Twilight.

    So I liked this movie better lol 😛


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