Chloe Wang

You know she’s gorgeous as hell. She’s a Chinese-American who I read is living in China studying Mandarin, but… I just saw her on T.V today when I was watching my daily morning Full-House in Teenick. She’s now one of the hosts of The Nightlife in Teenick with co-star Aaron Fresh. I dont know if she’s living in Beijing, China or that was a long time I ago… But she’s actually a singer, and when I saw her on the commercials of  The Nightlife, I wonder if she’s the daughter of the highly famous designer Vera Wang, because of her last name. But when I googled her (no stalking,ew, I was just wondering because then I can boast to Maria and friends, that Asians CAN be pretty and to make them stop making fun of them.)

Okay, that’s a wrap. Just wanted to show her in my blog, cuz she’s so prettay!!!



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  1. Mimi
    Aug 22, 2010 @ 07:35:38

    Omgosh she is SUPER pretty! And I like how she’s TANNED and not pale pale white like most Asian celebrities. I think I’ll learn to love my tan as well (:

    Anyway, thanks so much for commenting finally haha
    I really appreciate you reading my blog!

    And thanks! About the false eyelashes. I bought different ones, ones that look NATURAL lol. I’m wearing them tmr!


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