Goodbye WordPress!

I’m officially moving to Blogger. The link is the same thing, except it’s Blogspot.

I found out how to export blogs so I exported all of the posts from here to the new blog, except the comments.  I dont know how to export the comments…

The new blog looks way better.

See you there!!




I found….

I know this is weird, and I may be obsessed, but I recently read Soyconfessions and I read this post about Brother Sharp. I cried my heart out, when I heard that he dresses in female attires so he can portrays as a woman that loves him. He’s actually really popular in China on the internet for his sense of style, and his staggering face. Here’s a link of him. In the website (the link) it shows how he lives. (it’s all the way at the bottom of the page.

There’s also a good part of all of this. A few months ago (i think it was during May) government officials put him in a hospital because of how many netizens were paying alot of attention to him. And he and his family reunited. The article said that he was in shock when his fiance or wife and father died in a car accident, and didnt contact his family after that for a long long time. That’s why he shouts at the sky because he’s like saying NOOO!!!!  My wife or fiance died!!!! He also has two kids 10 and 11 years old. Happy ending eh? Oh, and  he took part in a fashion show, even though the hospital said that he’s still a little insane, his family took him out of the hospital.

To the people who still feel sad about Brother Sharp (or dont.) Down below is a prank that always makes my PMS go away. Hey it rhymes!!



I was trying to freaking import my wordpress blog to my blogger blog (under construction) and I keep on getting There was a problem importing this file or something like that. Why is it that hard to import a blog??


Mouse or Koala?

Which animal does Chuck E. Cheese look like?

A Koala?

I know it’s kinda weird to write about this, but I just always wondered. I think that he looks more like a koala. He doesnt have whiskers, or a long snout, the common features of a mouse. What do you think?? Just wonderin…


Or a mouse

Should I?

Thanks, Mimi, from Soyconfessions for commenting!! I really appreciate it. Check her out:

I just learned that I have over 200 things that is infected in my laptop. I didnt even know I had that much, I guess Kaspersky is only good for the major things.

Hmm… What should I talk about? I bought The Princess and The Frog dvd (should I capitalize the The? whatever) and I really liked it. It was the kind that you would like to watch with your little sis or aunt or something. It was cute and different at the same time. So I totally recommend for people to watch it. Yes, I know it came out last year, but that doesnt mean that some people havent seen it.

Oh, and my last post with the really cute bunny or whatever, I was bored, and I had nothing better to do.


Cute Graphics

You know it’s CUTE!!!

I feel like moving.

I think I should move. I guess it has to be Blogger because there’s nowhere else to go. You get more publicity from there. If I was in Blogger right now, I would have tons of comments by now. So I guess I am going to move. But I don’t think it’s going to be today. Or tomorrow. When I feel like it, I’ll move.

Anyways. I’ve been doing some sulking lately, and it’s not making me feel better, even though it normally does. I’m afraid to right a lot of stuff that might offend my parents, because every post I write actually goes to Facebook, and I’m scared that somebody might read this, and my cousin or whatever from the Philippines might be thinking funny or something that I can’t write. Which I can’t anyways. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, like, two days ago, I was trying to write this story about this girl moving into another country and stuff, but then half way of finishing the first paragraph, I went completely blank. Not completely completely, just the stuff that makes my stories good were gone. I guess writing is just a part-time hobby not a career. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with my life. Housewife? nah. I believe that women can do more than just stay home and let the man do all the work. Saleswoman? I’m not a people person. Scientist? Used to one to be one, but not anymore. I’m not a science nerd. I’m more ELA. Graphic Artist? Hmm…maybe. But dont know all the technical stuff. Teacher? That might work. Nurse? No way. I like the sight of my blood (I know, it’s weird) but I dont know of anothers blood.

I’ll figure it out on my own. Hopefully…


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