When I first saw this on YouTube I was freaked out. I mean I already heard her song, and she performed it on Nightlife, and it was still scary at Nightlife, but I never saw the official music video. I wouldnt want to see her in my bedroom at night.


Chloe Wang

You know she’s gorgeous as hell. She’s a Chinese-American who I read is living in China studying Mandarin, but… I just saw her on T.V today when I was watching my daily morning Full-House in Teenick. She’s now one of the hosts of The Nightlife in Teenick with co-star Aaron Fresh. I dont know if she’s living in Beijing, China or that was a long time I ago… But she’s actually a singer, and when I saw her on the commercials of  The Nightlife, I wonder if she’s the daughter of the highly famous designer Vera Wang, because of her last name. But when I googled her (no stalking,ew, I was just wondering because then I can boast to Maria and friends, that Asians CAN be pretty and to make them stop making fun of them.)

Okay, that’s a wrap. Just wanted to show her in my blog, cuz she’s so prettay!!!


Favorites from Girlprops!!

So when I was doing my weekly “window shopping” online spree, I came across girl props!! And these really CUTE accessories. But before I say anything else I want to say to that douche bags out there that think that I’m plagiarizing, I’m not plagiarizing. Every picture has a link to the website to girl props. Also, I’m not advertising or trying to sell something because I dont have any prices. I’m just showing you my favorites from girlprops, just as the title says!


Talk about adorable!!

Vampires Suck (not really)

XD That is just plain…what’s the word…different. I dont know if I should praise it or give it a thumbs down. I’m a pretty good Twilight fan, and I think that Robert Pattinson is a HOTTIE. But this movie is just so hilarious I’m not actually offended. Except at the end… “Edward! Your the best!” then “No, Jacob’s the best!” then hits the girl with a shovel. EW Taylor is cute, but he’s too full of himself. Now I feel bad… Because he’s a decent guy but I just dont like him as much as EDWARD.

So, what do you think you guys?? Are you offended, confused, or just laughing your butt off?

Bummed lately?

Like I said before, I have some problems with my Mozilla Firefox browser, and my Windows 7 being so slow. It’s not just Windows 7 and Mozilla Firefox that’s slow it’s also everything inside my computer, like my other internet browsers (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) they are all slow. I cant even play my Sims 3 anymore because every time it loads to the sims, it says not responding. That’s just some bullshit. I’m just really bummed about every thing. This blog has no followers, or comments, and I’m not getting any better with my writing. Oh, and my pen pal, she hasn’t replied to me. Hate my life.

Again I’m in Safe Mode

I like it so much better with Safe Mode. Right after my last post, I went to play my Sims 3 game, and I was waiting for it to load to the game already, and so I clicked the left button that makes you look at your desktop, then I clicked on the Sims 3 logo and my game wouldnt pop up, so I decided to restart it, clicked the restart button, and it wouldnt restart, so I forced shut down. Like always, every time you force shut down in my computer, it asks if you want to go to Safe Mode and here I am.

I’m bored out of my freaking mind.

I wonder, if you can play the Sims 3 in Safe Mode?

♥ Yumi

I guess so..

I think I officially have a pen pal from Japan. Yay! I’ve been teaching her english so far, and she havent replied yet to me, when I asked her to teach me japanese. Maybe because I havent checked my mail yet…

ARRRGGGHHH!! Mozilla Firefox is really slow right now, I think it’s because of my Sims 3 mods, I’ve been downloading alot, but I have Kaspersky, and it doesnt say anything about a virus. That’s the only thing I hate about Kaspersky, they only fix the threats that will harm the computer not the little things that harms the internet browser. I dont want to download another thing from the internet that makes your browser become faster, because how do you know it will work? And it might make it more worse because it’s downloaded. I was better off not downloading. URGH!

I just checked my mail, and my so called “pen pal” hasnt replied to me for like 3 days already. I guess she just wanted me to teach her english. So typical.

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